Arctic Thruster Ecosystem

Leading ship propulsion R&D for arctic conditions
The Arctic Thruster Ecosystem

Leading ship propulsion R&D for arctic conditions

Arctic Thruster Ecosystem is a co-creation forum leading the research and development of ship propulsion for arctic conditions.

We catalyze solutions for the management of ice loads and vibrations. With joint efforts we develop thruster technologies and measurement methods for the future.

Traditional methods do not work for dynamically loaded large gears and bearings of propulsion systems. Unexpected failures occur. Through the ecosystem we strive towards better sizing, safety, operation and environmentally acceptable solutions, and increased lifetime."
Pekka Koskinen, VTT
The initiator of the ArTEco ecosystem
Strengthening the understanding of the thrusters operating in ice, and the phenomena causing ice loads.

R&D leadership

The Arctic Thruster Ecosystem is committed to become the leader in research and development of ship propulsion for arctic sea operation.

Solutions for industry

We want to develop validated and environmentally acceptable solutions for industrial use, including ice class rules.

Increased lifetime

As a concrete result, we will increase the remaining lifetime of mechanical propulsion systems.

Joint research with increased impact

Towards sizing, safety, operation and failure management, and increased lifetime.

Arctic loadings

We aim at predicting the phenomena causing ice loads, and understanding how these are transferred to the critical components like gears and bearings. This is achieved by analyzing the ice load contacts and by simulations.

Reducing vibration

The operation can be improved by reducing the impacts of longitudinal and torsional loadings and vibration. Our goal is to dampen ice induced impacts and dynamic loads by 30%.

Smart gears

Wireless measurements enable failure detection. We develop methods to detect real loadings on gear teeth and bearings, and predict how these are affecting the component life.

Educating a new generation of researchers to provide services to industry and authorities.
Working towards joint R&D goals

The propulsion test centre

The Wärtsilä Propulsion Test Centre, operational since 2014, is the result of close cooperation between Wärtsilä and VTT. The purpose of the testing facility, located in Tuusula, Finland, is to strengthen the existing product validation and research activities.

The facility enables the development of new, high-quality and environmentally sound propulsion products together with research institutes, universities and suppliers. The test centre will have a central role in propulsion-related research and development activities. In particular, it will be used for functional and endurance testing, with emphasis on mechanical power transfer.

The ecosystem partners

The Arctic Thruster Ecosystem has participants from industry component manufacturers, technology providers, research organisations and universities as well as authorities. The stakeholders are located in Finland, Sweden and Germany.